There are sketches here, odds and ends, a few more elaborate works, some really old stuff from when I was a kid... basically everything that doesn't really fit on the comics page and isn't my fanart. Though plenty of the doodles here have fan content, just nothing elaborate. I'd love to hear your comments on my work. Enjoy!

Drawing exercises, mostly done for prompts on Slothsdraw, some other newer art and doodles that didn't fit in the other sections.


preview of Frog!Cap preview of CapBear and BuckyBear preview of Hulk with pinkie preview of Cookie Monster Christmas card preview of a Beast and Kermit doodle preview of a Erik and Oscar doodle preview of a Magneto and Super Grover doodle dragon bookmark Sherlock Holmes doodle Infiltration Santa!Cthulhu Teddy's revenge dream a dinosaur with steampunkish raygun a random werewolf doodle a random dragon, my first time trying acrylics to color a drawing rendering of a monster in different color combinations a nine panel comic page as practice in establishing mood visually, colored a nine panel comic page as practice in establishing mood visually, inks a nine panel comic page as practice in establishing mood visually, pencils body language practice rendering textures Nightwing patrolling Gotham (DCU), a drawing excercise for practicing silhouettes Nightwing patrolling Gotham (DCU), a drawing excercise for practicing silhouettes, pencils random objects drawn first from memory, then with reference, a visual memory/drawing exercise facial expression practice facial expression practice stick figures moving

Monster drawings, some done for various people on request in my LJ.


cute cthulhu cute monster doodle Purple People Eater for amarin_rose floating translucent jellyfish-like creature for dirigibletrance a cute and furry one for imadra_blue a monster combination of a Jacksons Chameleon and a Griffin for annexensen _inbetween_ asked for: Big paws are cute. A trunk. Pustules? Tufts of hair! a cute werewolf for hugglewolf stasha2g prompted: Creature that uses cuteness as a weapon? I'm picturing something with big eyes and a stinger waiting to strike. a cute dragon-looking thing for dragovianknight bethbethbeth prompted: So...what if Snape were a monster. Covered in shiny black hair, dark eyes, pale face and hands, sharp teeth, big nose, and wings like a bat. a weird insect-like one One with tentacles (I'm still not sure whether that on top is a mouth or hair, heh) more a cat/dog-like creature than a proper monster a slacker monster a cuddly, yet kind of angry mini-dinosaur

Drawbles I did for various people on request in my LJ. These were either based on prompts or on interests I picked from their profile pages.


drawble for marinarusalka drawble for kass drawble for droolfangrrl drawble for tamsin drawble for cereta drawble for basingstoke drawble for hsavinien drawble for busaikko drawble for goss drawble for hsavinien drawble for sg_fignewton drawble for lolmac drawble for sulien77 drawble for marinarusalka drawble for busaikko drawble for ilyena_sylph drawble for reginagiraffe drawble for thefourthvine drawble for isagel drawble for schneefink drawble for ilyenasylph drawble for goss drawble for odditycollector drawble for busaikko drawble for hsavinien Tony Stark/Steve Rogers drawble for derry Zuko drawble for goss Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr drawble for rosaw Colleen Wing + Kendo sketch for snowynight drawble for auroraprimavera drawble for further drawble for goss drawble for hsavinien drawble for jacquez drawble for marinarusalka drawble for odditycollector drawble for schneefink John Sheppard, Spock, Nyota Uhura, and Dick Grayson are on a road trip! Who drives? Who navigates? Who picks the music? Who gets carsick? for musesfool Temeraire, Harry Dresden, Bruce Wayne and Katara are playing doubles tennis. Who partners with whom? Which pair wins? Who has the most stylish tennis outfit? for marinarusalka James T. Kirk, Teyla Emmagan and Merlin are in SPAAAAACE. How's that working out for them? Who's in charge? Who's the stoic sidekick? for petra Aeryn Sun and Nyota Uhura are eating dinner. Is the food good? Is the kitchen a disaster? Are they more interested in making cow eyes at each other? for reginagiraffe Temeraire, Aeryn Sun, Dick Grayson and Yoda have been infected with erotic spores. Who realizes what's happening? Who figures out the cure? Who fails to realize they've been cured? for tazlet Who would win if Toph and Barbara Gordon engaged in a pie-eating contest? for argosy Katara and Teyla are somewhere cold and have to huddle together to keep warm. for less_star Teyla, Yoda, and Barbara Gordon are stranded on a deserted island. Who is the first to suggest cannibalism? for odditycollector John Sheppard and Nyota Uhura, Halloween, paired costumes. What do they go as? for yahtzee Temeraire and Aeryn go on a shopping spree. What store do they go to? for minnow Spock and Teyla engage in an epic thumb war battle, who cheats first? for trewestriandtaHarry's Basement from The Dresden Files for trewestriandta a picture of a fluffy sheep. with a rainbow for hugglewolf picture of an octopus (or a squid, or some random tentacled creature) watching television for penknife Watership Down & Doctor Who for argosy  Sherlock and Watson rats for tazlet Poison Ivy and radioactive rubberbands for petra Team Shep in a truly alien landscape for telesilla a swashbuckling rodent of some type for cofax Muppets and TSCC for goss  a rattie Neal and Peter for Reginagiraffe  Batman's pet rock for Odditycollector Matt Murdock--as Matt or Daredevil--stopping at Starbucks (or other coffee place) for a break during Christmas shopping. for Tartanshell An octopus flying a helicopter for Odditycollector Spider-Man carrying Captain America's schoolbooks for Caia A superhero pajama party for Marinarusalka rats dancing / performing in old Hollywood musical style a la Fred Astaire for Siljamus A giraffe in a Star Trek sciences uniform for Reginagiraffe a rattie party, with hats and balloons for Droolfangrrl  Lorne debating paperwork vs painting...with John looking hopeful for the former. for Seikaitsukimizu Woolsey with some animal. Some alien little creature. His new pet. for Astridv TOS!Trek characters making friends with a tentacle monster for Shadowvalkyrie John and Ronon surfing, or just hanging around on the beach for Telesilla Aeryn Sun and Ellen Harvelle, being awesome for Cofax kangaroos in space for Caia iguana in a spacesuit for hsavinien SGA + Steampunk for Telesilla Snape vs. Deathstroke for Katarik Terminator + gardening for Ilyena-Sylph a Travolta!furry for cathexys aerial combat for cofax Steampunk!Batmobile for iamza cowlicks + cold unfeeling robot arm for liviapenn cheese eats mouse for shidoikarji26 a space-dragon for brownbetty Ironman rescuing a kitten from a tree for marinarusalka 'Guinea Pigs and Rats having a "I am cuter than you" contest' for droolfangrrl SPN + sleeping + travel for sealie Pirate!Snape for penknife dragons + necromancer for flykat rat cuddles for astridv coffee + evil overlords for iamza robot attack zebra for pushdragon items accidentally left in the back seat of the Metallicar for marinarusalka a leprechaun squidbaby for pho999 Anakin and Obi-Wan art for imadra_blue J'onn wearing his 'John Jones' trenchcoat (but with at least some of his aaalien showing, either shape-wise, or with his skin being green, or the eyes -- or all three) caught mid-conversation with Officer Dick Grayson for buggery a furry-creature-type Doctor for lcsbanana a suggestive pile of discarded weaponry/accessories for thete1 something having at least John Sheppard in it for _inbetween_ John+Rodney kissing in a puddlejumper for purelyironic teddy bear + tentacle rape isis + canada for medie tabasco sauce + yoga for joie_de_livre flash + gravity for iamza llamas + star wars for eruthros crossdressing + puppies! for spikeface dragons + snuggling for kindyll metallicar + metaphorical camel-fucking for marinarusalka hamtaro + ac/dc for leaper182 giant nazi robots for caia_comica gay unicorn for brown_betty tintin + wallace and gromit for retsuko ratchicken + bohemian style for littlegreenworm power rangers + cats for dragovianknight robin + pilates for smittywing squid + fence-chaining for isiscolo drop the pilot for liviapenn space jellyfish + pirates for penknife Chuck Converses + fuck lit snobbery for glockgal snuggling + The Muppets for kindyll curling + Lord of the Rings for jgesteve dragons +linguistics for gryphonrhi gay vampire snuff porn + zombies for nestra cats + percussion for magicasylum nutella + SF for brown_betty Batman + Singin' in the Rain for petronelle anything equestrian + Dance Dance Revolution for littlegreenworm incompetent supervillains for caia_comica pirates + yoga for hafital irrational exuberance + trains for mistergrumpy Stargate SG-1 + only one interest for hecateshound Scott Summers + slayers for medie Jaws + raspberry flavored anything for spookysaint121 evolutionary theory + ruins for jacquez alchemy kink + Harry Potter for cmshaw furries + Stargate Atlantis for catmoran Harry Potter + twins for ultimatemother Darkwing Duck + soapmaking for devinharris Bugs Bunny +Star Wars for aelora Batman + windsurfing for shrieking_ell Superman + pirates for latxcvi Justice League + Stargate for iamza Harry Potter + needlework for amandageist archaeology+ ferrets for researchgrrrl cats +cooking for suricattus scuba diving + Severus Snape for marinarusalka mechanical tentacles + snakes for doroc_sabah Batman + Tarot for sanj Arthurian Legend + Hockey for bethbethbeth Harry Potter + falsifying statistics for penknife Aliens + Sherlock Holmes for red_eft Batman + cross-dressing amnesiac hookers for derryderrydown Batman + Punk for megolas Darth Mus

Newer character sketches, some very realistic, some more in a cartoony style. Maybe some of those will reappear in future comic projects.


character sketch 1 character sketch 2 character sketch 3 character sketch 4 character sketch 5 character sketch 6 character sketch 7 character sketch 8 character sketch 9 character sketch 10 character sketch 11

Quick sketches of humans, most of them done in a few minutes, just to get into a drawing mood.


sketch 1 sketch 2 sketch 3 sketch 7 sketch 9 sketch 10 sketch 11 sketch 12 sketch 13 sketch 14 sketch 15 sketch 16 sketch 17 sketch 18 sketch 19 sketch 20

More quick sketches, this time of animals and some plants.


sketch 4 sketch 5 sketch 6 sketch 8 rat 1 rat 2 rat 3

Older comic sketches, mostly just funny little critters with big noses. But some sketches for never realized longer comic projects, too.


rat 1 rat 2 rat 3 fantasy hero fantasy hero cartoon cartoon cartoon cartoon cartoon cartoon cartoon cartoon cartoon cartoon cartoon cartoon cartoon cartoon cartoon

The results of various high school assignments, some awful, some quite nice.


art nouveau illustration condors surrealism metamorphosis reds

Pictures I made as a kid. Many animals, copied from postcards and books.


Xmas picture tvscene nessie otherworld dinosaurs horror midnight dalmatian guineapig collie horse squirrel savanna seagull