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For everyone who's wondering what happened next in this dream, here is the complete transcription I made, when I first wrote this thing down. Right after I woke up at 3 a.m.:

I couldn't sleep, because the phone was ringing constantly and there were news about grandma. She was running around again. During the 4 a.m. news I noticed that my alarm clock looked like something high-tech and I concluded that it must look different at night than during the day.
Everyone was awake; my sister was in front of the TV, my mother on the phone, my father somewhere in the background. There was a news paper with an article about grandma. My sister gave it to me.

I was wandering around and came to a room reminding me of a dilapidated apartment building. I was supposed to hit someone injured with a crooked baseball bat, but I just nudged him. (Two men wanted this.)

I was wandering around some more and knew that it was my high school. Just it was remodelled, so that younger kids could learn about science (or something like that). I the hallways were yellow paper boards and ramps and installations with drawings and instruments.
I walked further and it changed into a fair for consumer products. I met Christine.

As I walked on, the halls were opening into a Catholic church, where mass was being celebrated. There was incense everywhere. I wanted to sit down, but there were always people wanting to give white and green high heeled shoes to me; I declined.

A rice dish was being served. Finally I had found a place to sit, but I was facing a different direction than everyone else. Two people I knew didn't want to sit with me, because I was sitting wrong. It were more leather couches than pews and they were arranged in squares around a center.

I was eating and saw a woman lying on a bench. She had vomited and I thought she was drunk. I wasn't feeling well and wanted to go. The woman touched me.
I had again to force my way through the shoe people and came into the part with the fair. I was walking along a hallway and saw that there was the woman's vomit on my hand. I wanted to wash it and found a sink, where a man was washing dishes.

He asked: "Are you feeling sick again?"

I said: "No, that is not me. I want to wash this hand."

I washed my hand, but I felt sick again.

He said something like: "Are you sure, you don't need to vomit?" and wanted me to open my mouth. He examined my throat and increased my nausea till I finally vomited the rice into the sink.

I woke up.