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Alternate Universe Recs

I like Alternate Universes in fanfic a lot, so I've collected recs for my favorites in this genre. I read gen, slash, and het in different fandoms, so you'll find all kinds of AUs recced here.

Within a fandom the recs are sorted by author, with new additions being marked. For TS the links are also sorted by the type of the AU (see sub-categories), but in the end I was too lazy to adopt that system for the other fandoms that have accumulated many entries. It is labelled whether something is gen, slash or het, but those are not separate sections. If you are interested in what I think works as AU and what doesn't, or what I count as AUs and what not, and a detailed explanation of what I see as sub-categories and why, you can read my thoughts on these subjects.

Some of my favorite AUs are WIPs, and some of them are probably likely to stay in that state, nevertheless I will also rec those. While I'm not particularly bothered by reading unfinished stuff, I know other people don't like doing that, so I'll indicate in the rec if it's still unfinished.

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Recent Additions

Just fixed a lot of link rot. No new updates yet.

Sub-Categories of AUs

Alternate Reality (AR)
By AR I mean a story that diverges at a certain point from canon (inside the canon's timeline or before), but the universe and its rules up to that point are the same as in canon. AR (opposed to Alternate History) focuses on the characters' lives which changed more or less drastically, but the rest of the universe is mostly the same.
Alternate History (AH)
AHs also break from canon at a certain point in time, but unlike ARs they focus on the change in the universe or its mythology. It often explores the impact the characters' actions have on the universe as a whole rather than on their personal lives, which still may have changed drastically.
A Fusion is a special type of x-over, which merges the characters of one show with the universe of another show/movie/comic/book.
'Transplanting' AUs
Those put the characters in another time or place.
Change of Universe Rules
One or more of the basic laws of reality in a universe are changed but the setting is like in canon, e.g. magic works, but it is still present day in the US, not some kind of fantasy setting.
Change of Character
AUs where one or more of the character traits are changed (e.g. transforming characters into Werewolves or Vampires, making bad guys into good guys or vice versa, changing capabilities...)

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