Star Trek thematic list: Ancient/Non-Reform Vulcan

This is a thematic list (i.e. not recs) for stories about Ancient/Non-Reform Vulcan, i.e. stories featuring a Vulcan society without their emotional control. This can be either real Vulcan in the past at any point before Surak's Reforms (whether set then, or with time travel from the canon time period), some kind of alternate universe in which Vulcan devolped differently (mirror universes, parallel universes etc.) or a society of Vulcanoid people who are living on another planet (e.g. were seeded by the Preservers or a faction of Vulcans who colonized the planet in the past, with the exception of the Romulans, who are not counted for this trope). Not included are stories that focus on individual Vulcans loosing emotional control, or just feature some tradition or rituals that date back to ancient Vulcan.

These are not recs, but a thematic list. I'll link gen stories as well as all kinds of pairings. Also, while I label for pairings and include the author's summary, I don't list detailed warnings, and due to the nature of this theme stories frequently may feature violence, slavery, dub-con, and non-con among other things, so readers following links should take care and check out the full story headers. It is split in TOS and Reboot for now, but if anyone has TNG, DS9, VOY or ENT stories featuring this, I'd add those as well.

If you want a story added, your own or others, please send me the title, author, pairings (if any), summary, a public link (i.e. no f-locked or community member locked LJ entries and the like), and whether it's a WIP or finished.

Last updated: June 8, 2011

Star Trek: The Original Series

Beside the Wells, by UKJess.
Kirk/Spock. 3,995 words. On an alien planet a human is caught and sold.

*new* The Brothel, by Gayle F.
Kirk/Spock. 2,250 words. I've always been enamored of love slave stories and had much lascivious delight imagining Kirk and Spock in either role. This story is a particular favorite because the illustration turned out well, too, so it all fit together in a delicious erotic treat. I hope you enjoy it as well. First published in The Price and the Prize, 1981.

Capturing Fire, by Bastet.
Kirk/Spock. 29,788 words. Vulcan is slowly emerging from its barbaric ways. The reformed Vulcans of Surak and the Vulcans of the old ways have had an uneasy truce for decades, but war has finally broken out. James Kirk and his family were captured and sold to a Vulcan when he was a child, and has grown up on Vulcan. He will fight along side of the reformed Vulcans to keep his freedom and to prevent becoming the slave of a sadistic Vulcan.

Chronicle by Debbie B
Spock/Chapel. 7,430 words. Excerpts from Chapel's journal shed new light on Vulcan history.

Debt of Honor, by Brianna Falken
Kirk/Spock. 33,255 words. Six months after being taken prisoner and raped by a Vulcan captain, Kirk finds that same Vulcan is now being assigned as his first officer when peace between Vulcan and Earth is declared.

Hazan, by Fiona James
Kirk/Spock. 11,000 words. A visit to Vulcan gives Kirk more than he expected!

Kaadith, by TGuess
Kirk/Spock, Kirk/other. 17,300 words. When the Enterprise goes back in time, Kirk finds out what ancient Vulcans were really like, and discovers something about himself and Spock he never suspected

Kafeh, by Princess of Swords
Sarek/Kirk. 3,990 words. This story takes place in a Pre-Reform/No-Reform Vulcan where Spock as recently aquired a new human slave. Sarek, as Lord of the House, claims his right to spend the first night with the slave to "temper" him to his new postition.

Mirrors by Elise Madrid
Kirk/Spock. 24,100 words. While on shoreleave on Vulcan, Kirk and Spock must deal with a Vulcan tribe who rejected Surak's precepts of logic.

*new* Osh've, by Acidqueen (syredronning)
Kirk/Spock, Sam Kirk/Sarek. 11,779 words. On a Vulcan that never saw Surak, two Human hostages have to adjust themselves to an alien culture.

The Pleasure Slaves, byFiona James
Kirk/Spock. 20,430 words. Kirk and his crew encounter an unknown alien race.

The Price of Passion, by Tmara
Kirk/Spock, Spock/other. 37,000 words. This story takes place after Amok Time and Journey to Babel. Spock and Kirk are transported to what appears to be Ancient Vulcan by an alien woman.

The Prize, by Ray Newton
Kirk/Spock. 33,600 words. On a Vulcan where Surak's Reforms never happened, the warrior Spock acquires a Human slave.

Slaveworld, by Gloria Fry
Gen. 47,500 words. On an alien world, Kirk is captured by Vulcanoid slavers and only Spock can save him.

The Son, the Moon and the Stars, by Tmara
Kirk/Spock. 13,300 words. Vulcan comes to visit during the Christmas Ball.

The Soul Inside, by Elise Madrid
Kirk/Spock. 26,900 words. Kirk and Spock's lives collide on a Vulcan where Surak's tenets never took hold.

Star Trek: Reboot

The Great Awakening, by Chinae
Spock, Kirk, Spock/Surak, Surak/S'Task. 7,000 words. A secret mission back in time.

Oasis, by Kyliselle
Kirk/Spock. 32,500 words. Kirk accidentally lands himself on an alternate Enterprise in an alternate reality - a reality where Surak's reformation of Vulcan never happened.

Of Great Price and its companion piece Soft Beneath My Hands, by lilbatfacedgirl
Spock/McCoy, Sarek/Kirk. 26,000 and 6,400 words. Originally written for st_xi_kink_meme prompt: Mirror!Spock never joined Star Fleet and Vulcan never became part of The Federation. Instead, Vulcan and Earth are at war and Spock manages to capture a Federation doctor. Sarek also claims Kirk as his slave and brings him back to Vulcan.

The Prophecy of Apollo, by Ladyblahblah.
Kirk/Spock. WIP. AU, based on the Cupid and Psyche myth. How different would the world be if Surak's influence had never spread, if the Awakening had never happened, if Vulcans had never sought to control their emotions? It's the Federation, Jim, but not as we know it. Warlord Sarek's son has reached his Time and requires a mate. Who will brave the monster's lair?

Such a Perfect Anachronism, by Mock
Kirk/Spock, Kirk/McCoy. 3,950 words. Spock has become a master escapist in a terribly literal way.

Sviksu, by jAnon
Kirk/Spock, Spock/T'Pring. 40,000 words. An adaptation of Verdi's opera Aida to K/S. "There is a Vulcan by the name of S'chn T'gai Spock. His name is infamous in our history."