What was new once...

...and is now of even less interest than it was then.
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Dec. 21,
I've added some book recommendations in the Great Books section. And the links page is up now.
Nov. 26,
There are some book recommendations now in the Feminism & Science section.
Nov. 19,
Another of my comics is uploaded. The last for the time being. I'll expand the other sections next.
Nov. 15,
More comics and some sketches in the my comics section.
Nov. 13,
Some of my comics are uploaded now. Check them out and enjoy!
Nov. 9,
Right now there are just two lonely recommendations in the wimmin's comics section with links to the artist's pages. I hope this will change soon, though.

Eventually you will find more comic and book reviews, and you might find essays on feminism and science some time. For now, read some of my comics, take a look at some book recommendations, or visit some other pages.

So check back occasionally. Meanwhile be glad that I didn't put up a blinking under-construction-sign or running little dogs for your entertainment. <g>
I could barely hold back, since this html-stuff is really fun.