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September 9
The Sci-Fi Channel has canceled its plans for a 5th season of Farscape. For information on the campaign to prevent this from happening go to farscape.wdsection.com. Write, call, send telegrams, postcards, e-mails...
Save Farscape - Write the Sci-Fi Channel
September 6
I updated the AU recs and added some links.
August 21
I updated the AU recs.
August 2
I have a blog now. I'm not sure how it will work out for me yet, though I intend it to be mostly about fannish stuff.
July 20
Another update to the AU recs.
July 19
I updated the AU recs.
July 6
I added some newer sketches to the artwork page.
May 26
I updated the AU recs.
May 19
I redesigned the internal php stuff of the site for easier maintenance. You shouldn't notice it, unless there are bugs of course...
May 15
I updated the AU recs.
April 23
The new layout depends more on CSS instead of tables, there's now a page for the media fandom stuff that accumulated over time on this site and didn't have an intro page before (and I updated the AU recs, too), and another update for the book recommendations.
March 22
I updated the book recommendations.
March 9
I changed the layout and navigation a bit.
February 26
Just moved to the new location, I hope there won't be too many glitches due to the move. If anything, a link or something else, doesn't work, contact me.
February 20
Freedom2Surf will discontinue its free services, so this page will be going offline until I find a new home for it. I'll also have to decide if I'll switch to paid hosting to get the same services f2s had. Well it was great while it lasted.
January 27
Just a few book recommendations, I just never seem to get around to adding anything more substantial.

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